The kitchen island is an ever-evolving wonder, seamlessly adapting into the seemingly endless needs of its family. From kitchen table to a chef’s table to a remote office to an art center to a party HQ to a storage facility, today’s kitchen island has a remarkably ability to transform into anything a family needs it to be.

Here are just a few things today’s optimal kitchen islands can be in an instant:

  • A Separate Breakfast Space
  • Brunch Service
  • Second Stove
  • Additional Sink
  • Storage for Cookbooks and Extra Less-Used Dishes
  • Drawer Space for China and Silverware
  • Pet Food and Feeding Station
  • Children’s Cooking Area
  • Extra Cooking Surface
  • Overhead Hanging Pot Storage
  • Homework Space
  • Dessert and Coffee Bar
  • Company Cooking Space

Let’s see the Transformers try that. No New York or Paris fashion runway boasts these many unique looks.

Today’s contemporary kitchen island is a breathtaking, contemporary island of all trades. As the American kitchen continues to evolve, so does the kitchen island. Here are some of newest function tricks and design looks America’s kitchen islands are pulling off this summer. 

The Double Island

Straight from the undeniable school of thought “two is better than one” comes this new two island trend that expands a kitchen’s function and maintains traffic flow in busy, larger kitchens. The double island is a brilliant, expansive addition for kitchens where space is not an object. 

“They’re a convenient way to divide the area between meal preparation and serving or gathering,” Courtney Hill Fertitta of Courtney Hill Interiors tells Elle Décor. “With the addition of dual sinks, cleaning up is a breeze.”

Gravity-Defying Islands

The laws of physics don’t apply to these ultra-stylish futuristic islands that feature seemingly unsupported counters that deliver both dining space and open space. Believe it or not, they actually blend in nicely with classic kitchen architecture styles.

“With these unique islands, the functional elements of the kitchen recede to reveal more space and become an extension of the architecture itself,” Karen Williams of St. Charles New York tells Elle Décor. “They can also have a chameleon effect, bridging the gap between classic, prewar architecture and more contemporary-feeling spaces.”

Calacatta Islands 

A sleek, show-stopping display of luxurious style, calacatta marble islands boast pronounced veining that offers a bold, graphic appeal. 

The Single-Level Island

A smart way to keep an open layout, single-level islands also say “let there be light.” They effortlessly allow light to seamlessly stream through a space. These counter-height islands not only “increase the intimacy of a kitchen, they also expand valuable prep space,” Better Homes & Gardens’ Hannah Bruneman and Caitlin Sole write. 

Today’s Best Buy Islands

Here are The Spruce’s list of and reviews of the Best Island Values currently on the market:

  • Best Overall: Southern Enterprises’ Denning Industrial Kitchen Island – “Simple but substantial kitchen island under $500.”
  • Best Antique Look: Homestyles Americana Kitchen Island – “A great choice for a large, farmhouse, inspired kitchen.”
  • Best Expandable: Bassett Farmhouse Basics Kitchen Island – “With a foldable drop leaf to add extra counter space or an additional seating area.”
  • Best Modern: West Elm Rustic Kitchen Island – “Looks like it’s straight out of a chic New York café.”
  • Best with Seating: Beachcrest Home Rabin 3 Piece Island – “A piece that works overtime, suiting nearly every need.”
  • Best Butcher Block: Powell Color Story Butcher Block – “A great way to add prep space without taking up your counter.”
  • Best for Small Kitchens: Beachcrest Home Lakeland Island – “A sleek, beach-y kitchen island that provides the level of utility you’re looking for.”

Today’s contemporary kitchen island is a multi-tasking marvel. And a dream kitchen island can easily become reality when you know what you’re looking for and how you would like to use it. 

You have to take into consideration how you use your kitchen and how you entertain in order to wind up with the most functionality.

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