A Unique New Day for Kitchen Flooring

No one just walks on a kitchen floor.

A kitchen floor is so much more than the surface beneath your feet. It’s the foundation and highly visible soul of your home’s busiest and most important room.

You can tell a lot about a kitchen from how it feels on your feet. You don’t really know if a kitchen flooring style is right for you until you can see yourself walking on it every day. If it doesn’t look right (like a half pink-half plaid floor or football field hash yard markers) or feel right, you instantly know it.

The last thing homeowners want to be walking on these days is a blah-colored floor that doesn’t match the spirit, vibrancy and tone of their contemporary kitchen. Thankfully, it’s a brand new day in kitchen flooring designs and trends.

“Flooring trends change over the years as homeowners acquire new tastes and technology allows for a greater variety of designs,” Indecor Trends writes.

Here are some of the hottest and most stylish kitchen floor trends playing in contemporary kitchens throughout America:

  • Smoked Wood Floor: Stronger Color and Grain: Offering rich color and grain without the need to stain, smoked wood floors are practical style statements.
  • Bleached Woods: Whoever said all kitchen hardwood floors have to be bright brown?
  • Weathered Wood and Concrete Tiles: This classic aged work never goes out of style.
  • Wood Floors with Beautiful Patterns: These days, wood is much more than just a practical floor option. This unique pattern wood flooring, especially Chevron and Herringbone pattern designs, offers elegant flooring.
  • Vintage Black & White: Nostalgic, warm, luxurious and graphic tiles are bringing a vintage look to contemporary kitchens.
  • Reclaimed Barn Wood Tiles, Multicolored and Directional: Weathered, warm and rustic, this old-school style has yesterday’s farm charm without the sliver risk. Today’s technology is so good manufacturers can duplicate the exact look of real wood on tile surfaces.
  • Graphic Tiles: For the redesigning artist who sees their floors as a canvas, tiles with repeating patterns that form a large pattern across the entire floor make an artistic and unique statement.
  • Large Porcelain Tiles and Hexagon Patterns: The floors of tomorrow’s American kitchens will come in a variety of shapes, including porcelain and hexagon-shaped tiles that create a beautiful, stylish effect.
  • Natural Colors: You can’t go wrong by going back to basics and keeping your kitchen floor natural and simple. Natural wood creates relaxing luxury and makes the outdoors a soothing interior.

As kitchen designers continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic-fueled recession, industry experts predict designers will be practical, but imaginative on their flooring choices.

“There’s definitely been a shift from spending to savings,” Chris David, president and CEO of the World Floor Covering Association, told HGTV.com. “But that doesn’t mean consumers aren’t buying flooring: it means they’re looking for value and comfort. They might not be moving up right now, but they’re still into feathering the nest.”

These days, kitchen renovators are also thinking first and foremost about their family’s health. As HGTV’s John Riha writes, “antimicrobial” and “antibacterial” are flooring’s new buzz words. Highly clean surfaces like cork are becoming the base of many an American kitchen.

But most importantly, as we set our design eyes on 2022, America’s kitchen floors are looking anything but boring, stale and like yesterday.

“More and more owners want a unique touch in their floors,” Indecor Trends notes.

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