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Telling Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Kitchen Floor

Many homeowners have studied her kitchen long and hard, scanning all sections of her home’s most important room and wondered, “What’s missing from this picture?”

The answer may be underneath her well-worn shoes.

According to Money Magazine, replacing flooring, particularly kitchen flooring, is the most popular home improvement project in America, with 5.2 million homeowners undertaking the cost-effective project in 2017.Read the rest

Kitchens of Today & Tomorrow Going High Tech

In the future, 1989’s Back To The Future II boldly predicted, the average American kitchen in 2015 would feature microwaves that can hydrate a three pizza in seconds, handleless kitchen faucets and flying robot butlers would serve dinner.

OK, the flying robot butlers may be a few years off, but the American kitchen of today is definitely going high tech.Read the rest

Which Remodels Win The Cost vs. Value Battle?

It’s the most important, essential argument in any home remodel: Cost vs. Value. For a remodel to truly be worth the investment and payback, value must always win.

To get the full return on the large investment you’re making, you have to think about the value your upcoming remodel will bring to your home and how it will address your home’s most pressing needs, not just tailoring it to your own dream renovation expectations.Read the rest

Trust the Home Remodel Savings Bible

Slicing money off your home renovation project’s budget can feel like trying to squeeze water from a stone, like trying to jump straight to the Major Leagues from your co-ed rec league softball team and trying to compel a screaming two-year-old to stop shouting “No” in a crowded supermarket line.Read the rest

Warning Signs of a Bad Contractor

Doing Homework Essential To Finding The Right Person For Your Home’s Remodel Project

Selecting the right contractor can sometimes feel like picking someone out of a lineup while blindfolded, finding the perfect needle in a stack of needles and, when all else fails, hopefully throwing darts at a dartboard.… Read the rest

Come See the Latest Addition to Our Showroom!

Read the rest

Secrets To A Stunning Small Kitchen Redesign

When it comes to stunning kitchen redesigns, size doesn’t always matter.

For would-be renovators afraid they can’t successfully reinvent their kitchen due to its limited size, we have good news. A kitchen doesn’t have to be 200 square feet to be successfully re-imagined into a striking, contemporary home centerpiece.Read the rest

How To Shine The Best Light On Your Kitchen

Not even the great Julia Child could cook in the dark. Without the proper lighting, no chef can cook at their best, and no kitchen can truly come alive.

“As the heart of a home, kitchens have different lighting needs than other rooms,” Deering Hall tells Forbes.Read the rest

2019’s Contemporary Kitchen Rooted in Tradition, Health & Multi-Purpose Simplicity

The Great American Kitchen is ever evolving, and 2019 promises to be an innovative, yet traditional year for the modern kitchen.

Kitchen trends can be stylistically fickle, but by and large, they are mostly spot-on blueprints and maps to designing a contemporary kitchen, that as My Domaine’s Gabrielle Savoie says, “will last at least a decade or two.”

“(Kitchen trends) are invaluable,” Savoie writes.Read the rest