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COVID-19 is Changing the Design & Function of Our Homes

The New COVID-19 American Home

The new American home, COVID-19 style, is here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of American life, from how we socialize, how we dine out and how we celebrate family events, milestones and holidays. The pandemic has also changed, possibly forever, the way we utilize and live in our homes.Read the rest

Today’s Kitchen Islands: Stylish and Multi-functional

The kitchen island is an ever-evolving wonder, seamlessly adapting into the seemingly endless needs of its family. From kitchen table to a chef’s table to a remote office to an art center to a party HQ to a storage facility, today’s kitchen island has a remarkably ability to transform into anything a family needs it to be.Read the rest

The Best COVID-19 Home Improvement Game Plan

Carpe Domun Lenimentus Diem! (Latin For “Seize The Home Improvement Day!”).

During these COVID-19 quarantine times, now is the time to invest in your most important investment – your home. After all, these are the rare times where you don’t have a lot of better things to do.Read the rest

Kitchens of Today & Tomorrow Going High Tech

Kitchens of Today & Tomorrow Going High Tech

In the future, 1989’s Back To The Future II boldly predicted, the average American kitchen in 2015 would feature microwaves that can hydrate a three pizza in seconds, handleless kitchen faucets and flying robot butlers would serve dinner.Read the rest

Trust the Home Remodel Savings Bible

Trust the Home Remodel Savings Bible

Slicing money off your home renovation project’s budget can feel like trying to squeeze water from a stone, like trying to jump straight to the Major Leagues from your co-ed rec league softball team and trying to compel a screaming two-year-old to stop shouting “No” in a crowded supermarket line.Read the rest

Come See the Latest Addition to Our Showroom!

Read the rest

Secrets To A Stunning Small Kitchen Redesign

Secrets To A Stunning Small Kitchen Redesign

When it comes to stunning kitchen redesigns, size doesn’t always matter.

For would-be renovators afraid they can’t successfully reinvent their kitchen due to its limited size, we have good news. A kitchen doesn’t have to be 200 square feet to be successfully re-imagined into a striking, contemporary home centerpiece.Read the rest