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Kitchen Floors of the Future

A Unique New Day for Kitchen Flooring

No one just walks on a kitchen floor.

A kitchen floor is so much more than the surface beneath your feet. It’s the foundation and highly visible soul of your home’s busiest and most important room.… Read the rest

The Dangerous Kitchen Remodel Risks No One Can Afford To Take

Risk (Noun) – A situation involving exposure to danger.

Nothing in life comes risk-free.

Hitting the snooze button to start the day chances you snoozing to work late.

Going to bed with your favorite football team down two touchdowns and out of timeouts with five minutes to play risks the chance of missing a highly improbable, but surely unforgettable comeback victory.Read the rest

These Kitchen Walls Are Talking Style

The year 2021, Veranda’s Lauren Wicks jokes, is “the year of the sanity-saving kitchen.” Long the heart and service engines of our homes, kitchens are now our home’s command center: a multi-functional super room for crafting meals, Zoom calls, marathon homework and study sessions and a comforting place to reconnect with greatly missed friends and family.… Read the rest

Kitchen Cabinets: So Much More Than Storage Space

Today’s kitchen cabinets are so much more than just storage space. 

Kitchen cabinets are stylistic, atmospheric and functionalistic statements of the heart of your home. Saying cabinets are just storage places is like saying a car is just a means of transportation and a song is just some non-descript melody you listen to.Read the rest

COVID-19 is Changing the Design & Function of Our Homes

The New COVID-19 American Home

The new American home, COVID-19 style, is here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of American life, from how we socialize, how we dine out and how we celebrate family events, milestones and holidays. The pandemic has also changed, possibly forever, the way we utilize and live in our homes.Read the rest

Today’s Kitchen Islands: Stylish and Multi-functional

The kitchen island is an ever-evolving wonder, seamlessly adapting into the seemingly endless needs of its family. From kitchen table to a chef’s table to a remote office to an art center to a party HQ to a storage facility, today’s kitchen island has a remarkably ability to transform into anything a family needs it to be.Read the rest

The Best COVID-19 Home Improvement Game Plan

Carpe Domun Lenimentus Diem! (Latin For “Seize The Home Improvement Day!”).

During these COVID-19 quarantine times, now is the time to invest in your most important investment – your home. After all, these are the rare times where you don’t have a lot of better things to do.Read the rest