Secrets To A Stunning Small Kitchen Redesign

When it comes to stunning kitchen redesigns, size doesn’t always matter.

For would-be renovators afraid they can’t successfully reinvent their kitchen due to its limited size, we have good news. A kitchen doesn’t have to be 200 square feet to be successfully re-imagined into a striking, contemporary home centerpiece. The National Kitchen and Bathroom Association defines a small kitchen as being smaller than 70 square feet.

“Due to limited space, a small kitchen renovation can sometimes be difficult to implement without clever planning and research,” notes. “However, having a small kitchen also comes with its own benefits and advantages.”

It may feel like you’re redesigning in a corner, but the pros of a small scale kitchen remodel are many, starting with a substantially lower price tag. Plus, a small kitchen remodel requires less details to plan and implement. But most of all, a small kitchen redesign requires a lot less work to completely re-image your home’s most important room.

But how can you reinvent your kitchen when you only have 70 square feet or less to work with? Here are some easy-to-add features that can give your small kitchen a wowing new look.

  • Add The Magic of Mirrors: Insert your smoke and mirrors joke here, but inexpensive light-reflecting mirrors can make your kitchen look larger, more expensive and more refined than it is. Add mirrors as accents to backsplashes and cabinets and you instantly create the appearance of more space and light.
  • Concealed Space: Adding concealed cabinets add both storage space and a sleek, minimal look to your kitchen.
  • Minimal Statements: To give your kitchen a modern look, remove excess hardware and unneeded appliances (like putting that seldom-used blender and coffee pot in storage).
  • Go Concise: It’s best to make one stylish statement for a small kitchen. Stick to a concise design plan and colorway to make your limited space look uniform. Don’t use more than three colors and three finishes. Two tones can tie everything in a kitchen together.
  • Design Every Inch: Walls are prime design real estate for small kitchens. Maximizing space with floor-to-ceiling cabinets and high-reaching shelves can give your kitchen a grand look.
  • Retire Cabinet Doors, Bring In The Magic of Glass: Glass cabinet doors don’t only bring in more light, but give your cabinets a sophisticated look.
  • Keep Cabinets The Same Color As Walls: Using the same hues on your cabinets as your walls erases visual boundaries that can otherwise stop the eye and envelop the room with uniformity.
  • Reflect Your Style: Reflective surfaces like marble countertops, ceramic tiles and stainless steel can amplify the effect of natural light to make your kitchen look bigger.
  • But Wait, There’s More! The easy redesign tricks don’t stop there. Small footprint furnishings like a petite island, slim chairs and streamlined stools can ensure you maintain valuable space. Using natural light is a timeless proven approach to make a small kitchen look and feel larger than it really is. Also choosing a small, sleek, wall-mounted vent hood can give your kitchen an open feel.

Remember, your kitchen doesn’t have to have the size and the redesign budget of the Rockerfellers to look like a million bucks. For when redesigned smartly, as Elle Decor notes, “there’s nothing more charming than a small kitchen.”

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