The future of the American kitchen is so bright, even the Jetsons are having a hard time keeping up.

Tomorrow’s innovative features of the 21st century kitchen are arriving faster than even Da Vinci could foresee them. Breakthroughs in American kitchen design are coming so fast that tomorrow has become today.

You don’t need Doc Brown, a DeLorean, and 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to see the American Kitchen of Tomorrow.

“The future is here,” Joseph Wheeler, lead designer for the Virginia Tech Center for Design Research’s cutting edge FutureHAUS Kitchen, told New Home Source. “The technology is here. It just hasn’t been fully integrated yet.”

From door-less fridges to a combined dishwasher and cabinet, the prototype kitchen designs of the future are arriving ahead of schedule and going where no standard American kitchen has gone before.

As House Logic notes, “Bottom line: Our kitchens will soon combine good old-fashioned practicality with Jetsons-style efficiency.”

Get ready for a future American kitchen your grandma wouldn’t recognize, but would love. Here are House Logic’s Brave Predictions for the Kitchens of the Not-Too-Distant Future:

  1. The Soup-up Kitchen Appliances: And you thought your Smart Phone and Smart TV had high IQs when it comes to you.  Tomorrow’s kitchen gadgets will know our favorite dishes by heart, become our own personal Cooking Yodas and help us improve our skills and take over the laborious, non-fun tasks of food preparation.
  2. Coffeemakers with a Memory: Soon the standard American coffeemaker will be our own personal barista. Using handprint recognition technology, they will know exactly how we take our cup of Joe.
  3. The Brilliant Icebox: No door, no problem for tomorrow’s refrigerator, which will automatically adjust its temperature to prevent food from spoiling, among many other food-saving techniques it will have up its sleeve.
  4. Easystir: A magic wand that automatically stirs your dishes on the stove, leaving your hands free for the important stuff like playing Words With Friends or updating your Instagram account.

The future of smart kitchen devices could also soon lead to these high-tech features:

  • A microwave oven that reads the UPC on packaging to set itself.
  • A refrigerator and pantry that lets you know when you’re low on meal staples.
  • A convention oven that lets your wireless device know when your food is cooked.

Many of these digital integration features are already in the marketplace. As New Home Source reports, GE and Decor have introduced appliances that can be operated from smart phones.

“The coming kitchen technology,” The New York Times’ Kim Severson writes, “will go well beyond a screen on the refrigerator door that allows you to check the weather while you search recipes and update the family calendar.”

The American Kitchen of the not-too-distant future will be automated and feature a high-powered computer system. The question each kitchen renovator needs to ask themselves is whether these futuristic innovations will add real value to your kitchen, household and life.

“Be as smart in your kitchen selections as you are in every other area of your life,” New Home Source’s Jamie Gold cautions.

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