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Weighing the Cost of Elegance in Tile Showers

Elegance usually comes with a steep price. Great bathroom tile showers are no exception.

Sure, they are gorgeous, the shower equivalent of a 24-karat gold wedding ring, an Academy Award statue or a Super Bowl championship ring. But one of the most expensive parts of any bathroom remodel, bathroom tile showers can obliterate a redesign’s budget, leading many renovators to shy away from them.… Read the rest

How To Design A Bathroom Trend That Is So 2020

Few guests will walk into a friend’s bathroom and say, “This Bathroom is so 2019.” But it never hurts to update your bathroom with a contemporary look, particularly when it’s looking “So 1980” or “So 1970.” And those are styles sure to get a negative reaction.Read the rest

Trust the Home Remodel Savings Bible

Trust the Home Remodel Savings Bible

Slicing money off your home renovation project’s budget can feel like trying to squeeze water from a stone, like trying to jump straight to the Major Leagues from your co-ed rec league softball team and trying to compel a screaming two-year-old to stop shouting “No” in a crowded supermarket line.Read the rest

The Essential Pre-Bathroom Renovation Check List

The Essential Pre-Bathroom Renovation Check List

Before you lift one piece of tile, make one hammer hit to a wall or even remove the bathroom mirror, make sure you’ve done your bathroom renovation homework.

For as many a renovator can tell you from hard experience, you don’t want to discover you missed something big after investing $10,000 or more into a remodel of your master bath.… Read the rest