Few guests will walk into a friend’s bathroom and say, “This Bathroom is so 2019.” But it never hurts to update your bathroom with a contemporary look, particularly when it’s looking “So 1980” or “So 1970.” And those are styles sure to get a negative reaction. After all, the bathroom is our personal sanctuary. Nobody ever said it has to be a blah-looking personal sanctuary.

Remember the days when the traditional bathroom design consisted of usually just three bare-bone elements: A bath or shower, a sink and toilet with some hideous accents only a grandma could love? Thankfully, those days are in the rearview bathroom sink mirror. 

For those looking to enjoy immense comfort and style in one of their home’s most used and essential rooms, or just jazz up the look of the room where comedian Dana Carvey jokes “life’s most important decisions are made,” we present the Hottest Bathroom Design Trends for 2020.

Nature Descends On The Bathroom: Insert your “When Nature Calls” jokes here, but is there really any more peaceful setting than being surrounded by nature? Natural décor elements such as plants, wood and nature stone are becoming increasingly popular as remodelers seek serenity. 

Standalone Tubs: A beloved throwback to the classic bathrooms of the early 20th century is getting a second life as the 21st century’s third decade dawns.

Going Minimal: More remodelers are choosing minimalism over extravagance to capture an attractive and elegant look for their bathrooms.

Trendy Colors: Forget the old design rule stating “All Bathroom Color Schemes Must Be White.” Bright, vibrant colors like green, blue and grey are becoming go-to design colors as homeowners become increasingly bold with the colors they choose for their bathrooms.

Made With Terrazzo: This stylish, durable combination of marble and cement is racing up the charts of America’s most popular bathroom design materials.

Half a Bathroom: Not all bathroom redesigns have to be a $16,000 endeavor (Consumer Reports’ estimate of the average American bathroom remodel). Why not cut your remodel in half? Half bathrooms are becoming the affordable rave of homeowners redesigning on a budget.

Seeing the Light:  Few bathrooms are remembered for their lighting, but smart, bright lighting is becoming a priority for tomorrow’s trendiest bathrooms. Spotlights and pendant lamps are smart, bright options. One lighting fact of yesterday remains unchanged: Nothing brightens up a bathroom like skylights.

Hey, There’s a Toilet in the Wall: A wall-mounted toilet is both an aesthetically pleasing style statement and a more sophisticated way of displaying the bathroom’s most essential appliance.

Glass Showers: Floor to ceiling glass shower enclosures are both wonderfully, 5-star hotelesque elegant and a fresh look for a bathroom coming off an old tub and shower curtain design.

Unique Tiles: Forget your grandma’s old square tiles, today’s bathroom tiles are long, thin, often distinctly shaped and uniquely today. 

By thinking with the new year’s smartest trends and a contemporary vision, you can easily create not only practical, but also spectacular bathroom design, in which all elements of the room harmoniously combine,” New Decor Trends notes.

Remember, the bathroom is the place where your family’s day starts and ends. Why not start and end your day in style that’s “So Today” and not “So 1970?”

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