Carpe Domun Lenimentus Diem! (Latin For “Seize The Home Improvement Day!”).

During these COVID-19 quarantine times, now is the time to invest in your most important investment – your home. After all, these are the rare times where you don’t have a lot of better things to do. Friends, we’ve checked for you, you’ve already rearranged your sock drawer.

As TD Ameritrade’s Andy Swan, founder of LikeFolio, jokes, “You’re stuck at home, social distancing and quarantining yourself like a model citizen. After a few days go by, you realize the dreadful truth: You’re only capable of binge-watching so much Netflix. And then it hits you. 

“You’re going to have to do something (gulp) productive. There’s no denying it any longer. It’s home improvement time. And you’re not alone.”

Amen to that. A J.D. Power Pulse survey shows over one third (35%) of U.S. homeowners are in the process of doing home improvement projects or are planning to tackle home improvement projects over the next three months. This number represents a 44% increase over the typical number of American homeowners tackling spring home improvement projects in an average year.

J.D. Power reports painting is America’s top home improvement project during these stay-at-home days. And while bringing in contractors and workers for kitchen or bathroom renovations is not a smart option while Iowa remains under Gov. Reynolds’ recommended COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and quarantine, small DIY projects can spruce up your kitchen and bathroom. 

Fresh Paint Jobs

For kitchens and bathrooms sporting a dated, worn or just flat boring look, a fresh coat of paint on the walls or a new finish on the cabinets can make them look like they are straight off a “Fixer Upper” set.

“Now is a perfect time to fix scratches or holes in the walls, and touch up any areas that might not look wonderful,” Medium’s Kristina Modares writes. 

Fixing That Sinking Feeling

Have you been wanting to replace a drippy, aging kitchen sink? Why not now? After all, you can always TIVO “The View.” 

“This is also a great time to replace your kitchen sink faucet with something more modern, and more useful,” Modares stresses. “A sink with a detachable head is easier for dishes and cleaning, and a sink with a built-in water filter is incredibly handy. You can use this opportunity to add even more value to your sink.”

Tile Fixes

Is your kitchen or bathroom suffering from a terrible case of Blanditis? One of the easiest and most affordable DIY fixes can breathe fresh life into your kitchen and bathroom. New tile fashion is cheap, ready at most hardware and home improvement stores and simple to enliven the look, fashion, feel and comfort of two of your home’s most used and important rooms. 

A New Light

Nothing instantly revitalizes a kitchen or bathroom’s aesthetics like new, fresh, brightened lighting. Have you changed the lights in your kitchen or bathroom since you moved into your house? If not, now is the perfect time to see your kitchen and bathroom in a new, more vibrant light.

Storyboard a Major Renovation

Even if you’re not ready to dive into a major project, there’s no better time to plan for it. On a major kitchen or bathroom remodel, the planning should take three to six months. Remember, fast-tracking major renovations can invariably lead to costly mistakes. 

These are challenging times, but while we are all waiting for American life to get back to normal, completing a home improvement project may be the perfect, healthy and financially beneficial distraction.

“Taking care of your home while sheltering in place is a good distraction that has the added benefit of helping keep you and your family more safe and secure,” HomeAdvisor home expert Dan DiClerico told Forbes. “Call it peace of mind that passes the time.”

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