Kitchens of Today & Tomorrow Going High Tech

In the future, 1989’s Back To The Future II boldly predicted, the average American kitchen in 2015 would feature microwaves that can hydrate a three pizza in seconds, handleless kitchen faucets and flying robot butlers would serve dinner.

OK, the flying robot butlers may be a few years off, but the American kitchen of today is definitely going high tech. You don’t have to be the Jetsons to enjoy futuristic kitchen features. Then again, we already may be the Jetsons. 

For as House Beautiful’s Brittney Morgan observes, “It feels like with every passing month, we get closer and closer to living like the Jetsons.”

Houzz’s 2019 Home Study of 128,362 American homeowners updating their kitchens found 57 percent of upgraded faucets this year are high-tech boasting water efficiency, no-fingerprint coating and touch-free activation. Say goodbye to drippy kitchen faucets.

Welcome to the digital age of kitchen renovations, where it’s no longer weird to talk to your microwave.

Here are 5 High-Tech Design Ideas that can help transform your kitchen into a contemporary, eco-friendly, financially smart home center. Wait? A kitchen that saves money itself? Yep, today’s kitchens of tomorrow are doing just that.

Smart Kitchen Displays

After revolutionizing the world’s auto industry, touchscreen technology has found its way into modern homes and become an essential amenity of contemporary kitchens. Digital cookbooks, online food preparation assistance and AI-driven gadgets save homeowners both time and energy consumption. A stress-free dinner prep? That’s music to the ears of every hardworking American mom.

AI Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets have been saving time and headaches for parents for centuries, but they’ve never been this effortlessly smart. AI-driven gadgets like smart egg timers, automatic mixers and cooking assistants bring order and organization to kitchens, offer step-by-step recipe tutorials and even make weekly meal lists.

Modern Smart Appliances

Just like Alexa and smart phones, America’s kitchen appliances are getting smarter by the hour. Switching out old appliances for eco-friendly, smart models is essential to saving time, energy and money. Modern appliances like French door ovens and sleek induction cooktops, as MovaGlobes’s Derek Lotts notes, “not only aim to minimize energy and water consumption in your household, but they’re built to last as well.”

Wireless Technology

America’s TVs aren’t the only ones cutting the cord. Modern kitchens across the country are going wireless. You haven’t truly cooked until you’ve been awed by the power of a battery-powered mixer.

Smart Compost Bins

As oceans and rivers swell up with garbage and plastics, Waste management disposal is one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues. Smart compost bins are helping fight the good green fight and giving kitchen renovators a new way to minimize waste production in their home.

Smart bins reduce food waste production by converting it into compost (organic nutrients that can be utilized to feed growing plants).

Here are House Beautiful’s 12 Best Smart Kitchen Appliances with their average prices:

  1. Behmor Connected Coffee Maker – $164.45
  2. Drop Connected Kitchen Scale – $29.99
  3. Wemo Wifi-Enabled Crock Pot – $119.17
  4. Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker – $128.96
  5. GeniCan Scanner – $149.99
  6. Idevices Kitchen Thermometer – $39.99
  7. Perfect Drink Smart Scale – $90.95
  8. NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender – $153.95
  9. GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven – $125.99
  10. The June Oven – $599
  11. GE Connected Double Oven Electric Convection Range – $2,099.99
  12. Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator With Family Hub – $2,946

Science Fiction Kitchens Come To Life

Today’s modern kitchens are high tech, eco-friendly and money-saving machines that are no longer just the stuff of science fiction. 

“With these high-tech solutions,” Lotts writes, “you can effectively reduce the energy and water waste in your home, and this aid in the preservation of the environment while making long-term financial savings in the process.”

Without a doubt, America’s high tech kitchens of today are smarter than ever and almost cooking themselves. Investing in a smart kitchen renovation is investing wisely, and investing in easier dinners.

“Cooking’s never been easier or more connected,” Morgan writes. 

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