The New COVID-19 American Home

The new American home, COVID-19 style, is here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of American life, from how we socialize, how we dine out and how we celebrate family events, milestones and holidays. The pandemic has also changed, possibly forever, the way we utilize and live in our homes. We’ve been forced to reconsider the way we live in our homes today, and how we build our homes in the future. 

“Our connection to our homes – both physical and mental – has never been greater,” Architizer’s Nathan Bahadursingh writes. “This may persist and even intensify after the pandemic subsides. If this happens, homes will need to accommodate a greater amount of services and functions.”

Today’s home redesigns need to reflect the new and different ways we are using our homes. As we spend more time in our homes to remain safe from the pandemic, we need new spaces we didn’t before: An even more-functional, multi-dimensional kitchen, home offices and more expansive bath and laundry rooms. 

“As homes begin to play greater roles in our daily lives, they will need to adapt in order to entertain more activities and services,” Bahadursingh stresses.  

How is COVID-19 changing the design and style of American homes?

Sanitized Entryways

To start, home entryways will likely become transitional spaces where residents and guest can remove their shoes, hang their jackets and sanitize their hands before entering.

Smarter Kitchens

The heart of the American home and its most used area has become even more essential as it serves new family needs and demands. COVID-19 is making the American kitchen pantry larger and necessary as people attempt to make fewer trips to the stores. Smart kitchens are being designed with a hands-free mindset and more voice-activated technology operating lights, faucets and appliances.

Air Purification Systems

Strong home air quality has never been more essential. American designers and contractors are now working to limit the amount of unfiltered air coming into the home. Air purification systems, which take in outside air, recondition it and supply it as fresh air in buildings in conjunction with regular HVACs, are now being designed to make homes healthier. 

Building An ‘All-Inclusive Refuge’

The American home built or redesigned in the age of COVID-19 are being built with antibacterial metals like copper, brass and bronze. Quartz, a sanitary gem made from one of the hardest, non-precious stones on Earth, is serving as the safe island harbors for many of our kitchens. Natural woods like bamboo, oak and cork that stop bacteria and microorganisms from growing, are giving us safe walls. 

 “Throughout history, our approach to the built environment has changed every time there is a pandemic in the name of minimizing the risk of infectious disease,” Bobby notes. “If you look at a typical home today, you’ll see evidence of how designers and architects have responded to infectious diseases by redesigning our physical spaces.” 

Designer Taylor Morrison calls homes designed in the age of COVID-19 are being fashioned to be “all-inclusive refuges.” As we all strive to weather the most trying times in recent American history, a comforting refuge away from the dangers of the world is something we all need. 

“Our living spaces greatly influence our physical health – as well as our emotional state of mind (especially during this time),” Bobby Berk stresses.

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