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Simple Renovation Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

How to Answer Your Outdated Small Bathroom’s Cry For Renovation Help

It happens out of the blue with eyes finally wide open. One day you walk into your small dainty, dusty powder bathroom and can hear it crying for help.

This always ready, always working friend of your family and guests looks older than Rip Van Winkle’s bathroom.… Read the rest

COVID Fails to Dent ROI, Spirit of America’s Home Improvement Projects

COVID Fails to Dent ROI, Spirit of America’s Home Improvement Projects

Not even a vicious pandemic can derail America’s love for home redesign, renovation and reinvention.

Whether it be idle time created by COVID-19, a need to escape from the relentless 24/7 COVID-19 bad news feed with an inspiring home project, following through on a spouse’s persistent requests, or to just improve the home quality of life for themselves and their families, Americans are improving their homes in record numbers.… Read the rest

Don’t Forget The Kitchen Sink In Your Kitchen Makeover

The famous American saying “Everything but the kitchen sink” doesn’t apply to every complete dream kitchen makeover.

Just like all household appliances and fixtures, the hardworking, humble, ultra-durable H2O engine of every kitchen has an expiration date. For instance, acrylic kitchen sinks are the reliable oak trees of the kitchen, strong performers for 50 years on average, according to Mr.Read the rest

How To Design A Bathroom Trend That Is So 2020

Few guests will walk into a friend’s bathroom and say, “This Bathroom is so 2019.” But it never hurts to update your bathroom with a contemporary look, particularly when it’s looking “So 1980” or “So 1970.” And those are styles sure to get a negative reaction.Read the rest

Which Remodels Win The Cost vs. Value Battle?

Which Remodels Win The Cost vs. Value Battle?

It’s the most important, essential argument in any home remodel: Cost vs. Value. For a remodel to truly be worth the investment and payback, value must always win.

To get the full return on the large investment you’re making, you have to think about the value your upcoming remodel will bring to your home and how it will address your home’s most pressing needs, not just tailoring it to your own dream renovation expectations.Read the rest