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Which Remodels Win The Cost vs. Value Battle?

It’s the most important, essential argument in any home remodel: Cost vs. Value. For a remodel to truly be worth the investment and payback, value must always win.

To get the full return on the large investment you’re making, you have to think about the value your upcoming remodel will bring to your home and how it will address your home’s most pressing needs, not just tailoring it to your own dream renovation expectations.Read the rest

Warning Signs of a Bad Contractor

Doing Homework Essential To Finding The Right Person For Your Home’s Remodel Project

Selecting the right contractor can sometimes feel like picking someone out of a lineup while blindfolded, finding the perfect needle in a stack of needles and, when all else fails, hopefully throwing darts at a dartboard.… Read the rest

The Essential Pre-Bathroom Renovation Check List

Experts warn: Don’t launch any remodel without doing due diligence and homework

Before you lift one piece of tile, make one hammer hit to a wall or even remove the bathroom mirror, make sure you’ve done your bathroom renovation homework.

For as many a renovator can tell you from hard experience, you don’t want to discover you missed something big after investing $10,000 or more into a remodel of your master bath.… Read the rest