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Telling Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Kitchen Floor

Many homeowners have studied her kitchen long and hard, scanning all sections of her home’s most important room and wondered, “What’s missing from this picture?”

The answer may be underneath her well-worn shoes.

According to Money Magazine, replacing flooring, particularly kitchen flooring, is the most popular home improvement project in America, with 5.2 million homeowners undertaking the cost-effective project in 2017.Read the rest

Kitchen Disaster Files: History’s Worst Renovation Ideas

Some ideas sound better on paper than they are in reality.

An ice cream steak sandwich, polar plunging into the Mississippi River on New Year’s Day, running a marathon without really training, adopting a bear cub for your baby daughter, putting a flag pole in the middle of the driveway to salute Old Glory every time you pull out.Read the rest

Not All Kitchen Floors Are Created Equal

In 2018, Flooring Options Have Never Been More Vibrant

The kitchen floors we walk on, cook over and eat above say more about the mood, brightness and accessibility and functionality of our kitchens than we know. As many a designer would say, “no kitchen floor is just a floor.” We’re talking about the foundation of the most used and important room in your home.… Read the rest