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America’s Kitchen Cabinet Style Goes to the Future

Kitchen cabinets are more than just central storage for kitchen. They are a kitchen’s chief design statement and dominant décor. Vibrant cabinets bring a kitchen to life, give it great mood and bright atmosphere.

According to industry trades, classic and old-school cabinets are so last year this year.… Read the rest

Kitchen Remodel Don’ts for 2018

Don’t is the Word for these Kitchen Remodel Misfires

“Why on Earth did we put that in our new kitchen?”

There are few worse feelings for a homeowner than looking at your kitchen after a $20,000 remodel and suddenly realizing something doesn’t look right.… Read the rest

Understanding the Secrets of Marble Countertops

Marble’s magic boasts beauty matching a Hawaii sunset and Paris in spring, but the Rolls-Royce of kitchen countertop options isn’t without its faults. Alas, marble’s gorgeous exterior hides more secrets than a deep cover CIA operative working in Moscow. Any homeowner considering choosing this stunning, but mysterious option for the centerpiece of their kitchen needs to know what marble is exactly hiding underneath its beautiful exterior.… Read the rest