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A Hard Rule Of Life: No Appliance Lives Forever

Your workhorse microwave, a priceless gift from your beloved Aunt Edna from Christmas 2003.

Your trusty General Electric dryer, whose motto could be “getting your clothes comfy dry since 1997.”

Your reliable Whirpool refrigerator, running 24/7 whether it’s hot or cold, rain or shine, wet or dry since, well, “Hey, honey, how long have we had the refrigerator?”

Our dependable household appliances save us invaluable time and bring us remarkable convenience on a daily basis.… Read the rest

Kitchen Disaster Files: History’s Worst Renovation Ideas

Some ideas sound better on paper than they are in reality.

An ice cream steak sandwich, polar plunging into the Mississippi River on New Year’s Day, running a marathon without really training, adopting a bear cub for your baby daughter, putting a flag pole in the middle of the driveway to salute Old Glory every time you pull out.Read the rest

Every Good Kitchen Remodel Starts With A Smart Budget Plan

If only every dream kitchen came at a dream price. We can dream, but the harsh reality is the average price of an American kitchen remodel this year will run $22,187 according to Home Advisor. Designing your dream kitchen at a price that doesn’t cripple your checkbook or max out your credit card is a Rubik’s Cube-like challenge for millions of American families.Read the rest

Not All Kitchen Floors Are Created Equal

In 2018, Flooring Options Have Never Been More Vibrant

The kitchen floors we walk on, cook over and eat above say more about the mood, brightness and accessibility and functionality of our kitchens than we know. As many a designer would say, “no kitchen floor is just a floor.” We’re talking about the foundation of the most used and important room in your home.… Read the rest

Freshen Heart of Your Home For $100 or Less

Who Says You Have To Break The Bank To Liven Up Your Kitchen?

Whoever said you have to drop $20,000 to bring your kitchen back to life never did their homework.

For homeowners looking to freshen up their home’s centerpiece on a budget, there are affordable and easy ways to spruce up your home’s most important and most used room.… Read the rest

America’s Kitchen Cabinet Style Goes to the Future

Kitchen cabinets are more than just central storage for kitchen. They are a kitchen’s chief design statement and dominant décor. Vibrant cabinets bring a kitchen to life, give it great mood and bright atmosphere.

According to industry trades, classic and old-school cabinets are so last year this year.… Read the rest