Kitchen cabinets are more than just central storage for kitchen. They are a kitchen’s chief design statement and dominant décor. Vibrant cabinets bring a kitchen to life, give it great mood and bright atmosphere.

According to industry trades, classic and old-school cabinets are so last year this year.

“Two new reports, the Zillow Home Trend Forecast and the Trulia Home Design Panel, suggest the new year could see the demise of some of America’s longest-loved decorating trends including granite countertops and clean, monochromatic cabinetry,” Yahoo Finance reports.

Industry experts pinpoint these cabinet design trends for 2018 as smart, stylish and practical ways to enhance your kitchen’s performance, aesthetics and feel. Here are some ways to take your kitchen’s cabinets to the future.

Gray Is The New White

White is style the color fashion model of choice for the industry, but many manufacturers are pegging gray as a future shade champ. Wellborn’s pairing of soft gray cabinets with richly stained wood showcases, as notes, “showcases another kitchen trend – combining
cabinet colors is a trendy look that’s holding strong.”

The Cabinet Sky is Blue

As observes, “blue and greens emerged as the ‘go-to’ color choices for cabinetry in 2017.” This year expect blues and greens to still be in vogue, tag-teaming with wood stains and landing many starring roles in America’s kitchens.

“They are being mixed with other colors, complementing wood stains or even being used as the dominant color alone,” Stephanie Pierce, director of designs and trends at MasterBrand Cabinets, told

Upper Cabinets Get The Cold Shoulder

Alas, the future is not bright for kitchens overloading on upper cabinets. Better Homes and predicts the less is more minimalist cabinet trend will gain further traction across the industry this year.

“Upper cabinetry continues to come down as homeowners opt for the open, airy look of additional windows or choose to display dishware and artwork on open shelves,” reports.

Contrast Is King

Two-Tone Cabinets are fashion stars of the industry, as even the most contrasting tones are mixing together in new, brash and wowing blends. Weathered white oak and modern eggshell paint are just two of the hot new two-tone tag teams.

Medium and Light Wood Are The New ‘It’ Word

Zillow foresees a resurgence in medium and light wood cabinets this year, “particularly with flat fronts and clean lines.” The result, Zillow concludes, is a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere.

Going Clean

Shaker-style cabinets had their day in the 1990s and early 200s, but as contributor VW Fowlkes of Washington, D.C.’s Fowlkes Studios says, “now they’re being seen as sentimental and too country.”

The future of cabinet design, Zillow predicts, is sleek clean line styles like flat-panel cabinets with minimal embellishments that look they came straight “from a showroom in Germany.”

New cabinets can give your kitchen a stunning, stylish performance resurgence. Consider these trends of today and tomorrow when rethinking your kitchen’s cabinets.

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