Amber Horton interviewed on KCRG

Our very own Amber Horton was interviewed on KCRG, discussing the best kitchen trends of 2018.

Some of the trends include:

  • While subway tile is a bit overdone, it remains very popular.  Customers are now asking for different sizes, colors and texture; not necessarily the standard 2×4 subway tile.
  • We are going to start seeing a lot of blue.  Blue is going to be very hot this year.  We are going to see anything from Cobalt Blue to Royal Blue to Robin Egg Blue.
  • Don’t be afraid be be bold.  Don’t be afraid to be different.
  • Since kitchens are becoming such a busy hub, there is a transition away from the tradional “kitchen triangle” of sink-fridge-stove.  Instead, we are starting to see more “stations.”  You might have a beverage station with your keurig, a docking station for electronics, etc.  It’s more segmented to meet the individual needs of the family.

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