The Great American Kitchen is ever evolving, and 2019 promises to be an innovative, yet traditional year for the modern kitchen.

Kitchen trends can be stylistically fickle, but by and large, they are mostly spot-on blueprints and maps to designing a contemporary kitchen, that as My Domaine’s Gabrielle Savoie says, “will last at least a decade or two.”

“(Kitchen trends) are invaluable,” Savoie writes. “Otherwise, we’d all still be renovating our kitchens with 1950s checkered laminate floors and 1990s Tuscan-style cabinets.”

The universal question every American homeowner contemplating and budgeting for a kitchen renovation for next year is asking is simple: What will the modern kitchen look like in 2019? The first answer: It looks nothing like Grandma’s kitchen.

“Today’s kitchen serves way more than just delicious meals,” the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s Loren Kessell states. “It has evolved into a space for entertaining, checking email, doing homework, paying bills and so much more.”

The cabinets, materials and hardware that will define the kitchen of today are hard to know for a novice renovator. But one feature every renovator should make a driving theme of their new kitchen is wellness. Mix in health-based diet appliances like blenders and steam cookers, and connect indoor and outdoor spaces with sliding glass walls and Earthy tones.

“Wellness is going to be a huge theme for 2019,” HomeAdvisor Smart Home Strategist and Home Expert Dan DiClerico told “Many people are living longer, healthier lives, and they’re looking to the kitchen to support those efforts.”

Here are 2019’s most popular and hottest kitchen redesign trends:

Timeless Finishes

While 2018’s most popular design trends went trendy, featuring faddish materials like terrazzo, Savoie predicts 2019’s materials to be “a lot more subdued and rooted in tradition.”

Next year’s forms and shapes of kitchens will stay modern, but materials, as Savoie notes, “will showcase a nod to traditional methods and practices: honed marble, natural wood, plastered walls, and polished concrete.”

Last year featured “appliances so sleek they disappeared before our eyes and so many touchable textures we thought we were in the living or dining room,” Home Beautiful’s Vanessa Keys observed.

Storage Walls

Wraparound counters and upper cabinets are so 2009. The new cabinets of 2019 will feature one wall of lower cabinets and countertops, a larger island and floor-to-ceiling storage in the rest of the space. Call it today’s classic pantry.

Modern Beadboard Cabinets

Say a not-so-fond-farewell to Shaker cabinets. The new year’s hot new cabinet trend is, as Savoie describes, “a modern-minimal take on classic shiplap or bearboard-paneled cabinets, featuring grooves along the height of the panels but no border or framing.”

Minimal Hardware

Put it on the Endangered Kitchen Features List. Over-the-Top hardware is out like the flip phone. In its place is seamless cabinets and subtle edge pulls that allow cabinet doors and countertops to shine.

Concealed Hood Ranges

Disguised ventilation is all the rage for today’s designers, including Sam Sherman Samuel. Range hoods – which are often concealed in kitchen cabinet fronts – are disappearing from modern kitchen designs.

Backsplash Shelves

As traditional upper cabinets fade away, statement backsplashes are announcing their popular presence with stylistic authority. Stone backsplashes with narrow ledges or shelves are set to grow even more next year.

Curated Accessories

After years of minimalist designs dominating American kitchens, the 2019 kitchen is about blending in. Glass-paneled shelving, curated bookcases and personalized kitchens loaded with vintage rugs, artwork, stoneware pottery and personal sentimental items are making a comeback.

In summation, the hot contemporary kitchen of 2019 has style, simplicity and health-driven multi-functional comfort, but be distinctively you.

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